José Mariano Gago – personal memories


José Mariano Gago, one of Europe’s most remarkable scientist and politicians has passed away, only 66 years of age. He was an important person for the struggle for democracy in Portugal in the 1970’s, a key researcher at CERN, and a great minister of science, research and education in Portugal. He has created Ciência Viva, Europe’s most celebrated initiative for what he always called “science culture”.

I had the pleasure of working with him for 20 years. I also learned to know as an extraordinary warm and caring person, always being interested in the welfare and happiness of other people. He will be remembered – and we will miss him.

Here are some notes in his memory, written for the site Homenagem José Mariano Gago, established by friends and colleauges

José Mariano Gago _in memory

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