Naturfagenes didaktikk: refeleksjoner ved et jubileum (NorDiNa 8/2012)

Sjøberg, Svein (2012). Naturfagenes didaktikk: Refleksjoner ved et jubileum NorDiNa nr 2/12

Abstract (article is in Nprwegian)
This journal, NorDiNa, has its roots in a series of Nordic Conferences on science education, commencing in 1984, and this issue of the journal contains a selection of articles from the 10th in this series. I was one of those who initiated this tradition, and I use this article to reflect on some aspects of the development. Our field has in rather short time developed from a stumbling start in the mid 1970’s to become an institutionalized and professionalized academic field. The article provides a somewhat personal account of some trends in the early development of our field of research and development, and it raises some questions about our identity and Challenges.

Full article (in Norwegian)

Sjoberg_Naturfagenes didaktikk_NorDiNa-8-2012

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